11. Reputation & defamation protection

Never has it been truer that an honored reputation can be ruined in moments. Shifting societal expectations and increased legal and regulatory obligations have made public scrutiny a reality, even for those who prefer to avoid the spotlight. In this digital era, almost anyone can achieve a global platform and audience, and the means to weaponise adverse content for their own agenda. Quick-fire opinions and misinformation are easy to spread – and difficult to contain.

We have been defending our clients’ reputations for decades, both publicly and discreetly. We have wide expertise in tackling and preventing unwarranted attacks, including securing injunctions to prevent the misuse of private information and the spread of fake news, as well as challenging defamatory content and harassing behaviour, and defusing personal and corporate disputes.

We are uniquely positioned in the Kampala market as reputation experts sitting within a full-service consulting firm, able to collaborate quickly with our expert colleagues in tax, fraud, family dispute, investigations and white collar crime, and Cyber investigations, amongst other disciplines.

We are fast to respond, but we are also keen to pre-empt challenges before they arise, and to ensure our clients’ reputations are resilient to attack. We know that the best way to build and protect reputation is to be proactive, to anticipate future challenges and plan for them intelligently.

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