13. Sanctions and controls

International sanctions regimes are complex and often respond to volatile political landscapes. Our global sanctions and controls lawyers are well-positioned to help clients adapt to these fast-evolving domestic, regional and international frameworks. The new reality of cooperation between international regulators in different jurisdictions requires businesses to adopt a coordinated, global approach. Failure to comply with sanctions regimes in one jurisdiction can result in the imposition of significant civil and criminal sanctions, including draconian fines and even imprisonment for individuals.

Our global capabilities in sanctions and controls law mean that we can offer companies, financial institutions and senior executives a ‘one-stop’ global service covering multi-jurisdictional trade controls and sanctions regimes (including UN, US, EU, Australian, Canadian and UK) as well as embargoes and export controls, counter-measures and anti-boycott regulations. Our lawyers advise clients on specific transactions, assisting them in designing and implementing global compliance programs, helping them obtain licenses and permits, managing relationships with regulators, defending enforcement actions and handling related civil and criminal litigation.

Our areas of work include

  1. a)Anti-boycott regulations
  2. b)Business ethics and anti-corruption
  3. c)Classification requests
  4. d)Commodity jurisdiction requests
  5. e)Compliance policies and procedures
  6. f)Economic sanctions and embargo regulations
  7. g)Export and trade of ‘dual use’ goods, software and technology
  8. h)Export and trade of military, defense and aerospace goods, services and technical data
  9. i)Export license applications
  10. j)Government investigations and enforcement
  11. k)Internal audits and investigations
  12. l)Pre- and post-acquisition due diligence
  13. m)Training
  14. n)Transportation and shipping
  15. o)Voluntary self-disclosure