17. Forensic advisory and investigation

Sudden disruption can shake customer and stakeholder confidence. Whether you experience a data breach, fraud, or a massive global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, an unplanned event has the potential to inflict catastrophic harm to your organization. But managed skillfully, such upheaval can create opportunities for your business to emerge stronger.

With Almention Intelsys’s Forensics team as your trusted advisor, you’ll get back on track. And after critical events, we’ll work with you to manage risk and put safeguards in place to protect business value.

Our collaborative Forensics approach helps you:

  1. a)Build agility, adaptability and resilience into your business
  2. b)Determine facts quickly and accurately
  3. c)Present credible solutions to your stakeholders
  4. d)Navigate and effectively manage crisis
  5. e)Restore business value after an impasse
  6. f)Innovate and emerge stronger

When risk becomes reality, the Almention Intelsys’s Forensic Advisory Services team helps you take rapid protective action, restore confidence and get back to creating value. Our global team has a passion for helping clients identify, mitigate and respond to fraud, regulations, litigation and other issues. With deep experience in industry, financial reporting, technology and more, our world-class specialists can quickly assess your situation and implement a tailor-made plan to bring you back to business as usual.