9.Internal investigations Global Risk & Investigations Practice

The team conducts sophisticated investigations, uncovers actionable intelligence and performs value-added analysis to help decision-makers address and mitigate risk, protect assets, remediate compliance, make informed decisions and maximize opportunities.

Our Service Offerings:

We bring a multidisciplinary approach to complex factual, financial and business-critical investigations, combining functional expertise in corporate internal investigations, anti-bribery and foreign corruption risk assessments, transactional due diligence, litigation intelligence and commercial disputes with a deep understanding of the multijurisdictional investigative process. We provide compliance, investigative, litigation consulting and remediation expertise on a wide scope of emerging areas of potential fraud, misconduct and scrutiny by stakeholders and regulators such as export controls and sanctions; Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC” or “blank check”) transactions; workplace discrimination; and theft of intellectual property.

Our experts conduct independent investigations to help clients resolve a variety of issues, including:

  1. a)Whistleblower allegations
  2. b)Fraud and complex financial investigations
  3. c)Anti-bribery and foreign corruption
  4. d)investigations and risk assessments
  5. e)Political risk assessments
  6. f)Due diligence and transactional intelligence for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and cross-border transactions
  7. g)Third-party integrity and vendor screening services
  8. h)Intellectual property theft and brand protection
  9. i)Internal and external fact gathering
  10. j)Improper or undisclosed related party transactions
  11. k)Embezzlement and kickbacks
  12. l)Fraudulent conveyances
  13. m)Misdirected or stolen assets and asset recovery
  14. n)Litigation intelligence and specialized fact finding
  15. o)Compliance, monitorship and receiver services
  16. p)Private Investigation