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Almention Intelsys Company Limited

Forensic Investigations and Intelligence Almention Intelsys provides clients with global investigative expertise to help make critical decisions and mitigate risk.

Our experienced forensic investigators and analysts, leading-edge technology and global reach provide clients with innovative, efficient solutions. We find the facts that matter and deliver actionable intelligence. Almention Intelsys cover a lot of territory: asset misappropriation, employee misconduct, accounting irregularities, post-acquisition disputes, whistleblower claims, fraud allegations, regulatory inquiries, and civil disputes, to name a few. It can be hard to know where to start – and where to turn for help. Having access to  knowledgeable forensic services specialists is vital, so you can  effectively capture significant, time-sensitive evidence, analyze  intricate financial and accounting data, and articulate your findings to  corporate boards, regulators, judges, and juries. The seasoned forensic services team at Almention can help.

We help businesses, law firms, financial institutions, private equity firms, government agencies, non-profit institutions and individuals deal with their most complex challenges, including:

Manage your forensic services needs with our experienced, interdisciplinary team Forensic services cover a wide variety of situations, and each event results in its own nuances and challenges. Our team specializes in many areas, including:

Forensic accounting investigations

We can help you handle investigative and dispute resolution issues effectively and efficiently, leveraging forensic technologies and our legal management consulting background. Digital forensics and incident response our specialists can help minimize impact after a data theft incident and support your organization with digital forensics and incident response.

Insurance claims

We provide independent and objective assessments of complex insurance claims related to events such as natural disasters, employee theft, and cyber-attacks. Our team can assist in submitting a comprehensive claim that can help maximize your insurance recovery. Plus, our experience working with both businesses and insurance companies gives us even deeper insight into your claim.

Regulatory compliance

Our team can work with you to respond to regulators, auditors, and other involved parties. We have deep knowledge of regulatory requirements, including those surrounding strategic financial and legal complexities that provide solutions from the CEO/CHAIRMAN on

Board to the BABY on board..

Post-acquisition disputes

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, our team can help you through any stage of a business transaction’s purchase price adjustment process.

Our team can help:

  1. Define the terms of the agreement and understand the implications of the agreement language on working capital and earn-out calculations
  2. Defend working capital and earn-out positions within the framework of the agreement in settlement discussions and arbitration proceedings
  3. Serve as an independent, neutral arbitrator to help parties resolve their disputes in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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