Jjuuko Joseph Kiyimba (Omulangila)

Project Matrix Manager Almention Intelsys Company Limited

Jjuuko Joseph Kiyimba (Omulangila)’s extensive business evaluation forensic and litigation consulting experience includes services in over 500 engagements for a wide variety of purposes, including gift, estate, family law matters, conveyancing, shareholder disputes, shareholder buyouts, buy/sell agreements, charitable contributions, purchase price allocation, goodwill impairment testing, intangible asset valuation, mergers and acquisitions, Employee Share Ownership Schemes, business damages, asset tracing, and active/passive appreciation analysis. These services have been related to corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies across the manufacturing, wholesale, retail and service sectors. Jjuuko Joseph Kiyimba has served as an expert witness in state courts for plaintiffs, defendants and mutual.

Persuasive forensic analyst and litigation evidence expertise spanning fraud, white collar crime, true blue theft, financial malfeasance discovery, discovery abuse expert, antitrust, product liability and catastrophic personal injury defense. Passionately represent client interests, working diligently to analyze case merits, minimize risk and propel positive resolutions to complex legal matters. Proven success achieving case dismissals, no-fault judgements, advantageous settlements and favorable verdicts. Partner with corporateclients’ in-house legal teams to provide vigorous defense against lawsuits/legal actions alleging civil and criminal violations, product liability, catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. Managed dozens of multimillion-dollar claims relating to personal injury, product defects and/or failure of performance. Argued case facts, legal precedents and nuances of the law to win early dismissals or no-fault judgments.

Drafted and edited successful motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment defending claims for workers' compensation involving potential liability for permanent, total disability payments, Investigated and developed factual basis for motion for restraining order for victim adopted by assistant district attorney in presenting case and relied on by court in issuing order, Wrote and edited a legal manual on the Ugandan Land Law since 1900 discovering and making public the state land laws that had been concealed from the public making litigation of land matters so difficult, Researched and drafted successful motion to suppress evidence in criminal cases resulting in dismissal of several charges, I have developed factual and legal premise to support dismissal of frivolous trespassing suit, saving client potential damages exceeding $100,000 and have changed the tone in which libel and defamation claims can be litigated to expose some of the country’s most brazen fraud and white collar crime.

Jjuuko Joseph Kiyimba is a managing member and the member in charge of forensic investigations at Almention Intelsys Company Limited. Joseph has a broad range of forensic experience including financial and white crime collar investigations, fraudulent financial reporting, accountants’ malpractice, and the calculation of economic damages. He has extensive experience conducting interviews and has secured numerous confessions. Joe has conducted forensic examinations for publicly held and closely held businesses, municipalities, and governmental and educational entities including the most recent being the systematic unveiling of fraud that was engineered by the former Chief Registrar of Titles, Yusuf Kagumire in collusion with the Former Commissioner Land Registration Sarah Basangwa Kulatta which involved unveiling of so many Special Purposes Vehicles that were incorporated on a global basis in Africa ,Europe and The British Virgin Islands with the purposes of concealing the fraud and dodging Uganda Revenue Authority taxation through aggressive accounting management technics similar to those that were done in Enron Corporation. He is also part of the author of another publication headed as Unearthing Kyapa Mungalo Fraud, the book that gives detailed analysis of the fraud behind the forgery of over 20,000 titles at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Planning in connivance with the Buganda Land Board Private Limited

Company a special purpose vehicle fraudulently incorporated through identity fraud with the ingenuity of Charles Peter Mayiga, David Kyewalabye Male, Kizito Bashir Juma and Martin Kasekende among others finally exposing the most brazen fraud that under lies the Kyapa Mungalo and Wetukkire titles.

In his work as a forensic accountant and fraud examiner, Joseph works closely with defense and plaintiff attorneys, audit committees, corporate boards, global Chief Executive Officers and government inspector generals. His experience in litigation consulting includes services in civil proceedings including the calculation of economic damages in a broad range of personal and corporate disputes. Joseph has testified as an expert witness in state courts. Joseph has an existing network of contacts externally with intermediaries and clients to support further development of the Forensic Services business around the world; he has helped develop and deliver a strategy for building new long term relationships both internally and externally through thought leadership, attendance at and presenting at appropriate local forums; and contributed to the growth of the Forensic Services team in Uganda through the development of new markets and new services.

Jjuuko Joseph Kiyimba (Omulangila) is a Certified Accountant of United Kingdom. He is an experienced Forensic Analyst with multivariate expertise in business consulting services, corporate training programs, team facilitation, lean enterprise management, business process improvement, quality systems, streamlined processes, standardized work procedures, workplace organization, and facility layout. Jjuuko has designed and implemented key performance metrics, operations control systems and costing systems for supply chain performance, labour, material, production, inventory, support and service groups in manufacturing operations and service industries. In addition, installed Materials

Reacquisition Processes and determined manufacturing requirements for integration of manufacturing information systems and progression to computer-integrated manufacturing. He has at a very strategic level directed and managed major workout/turnarounds for financially troubled companies to improve profitability, reduce operating costs, realign the organization structure, install effective management controls, reduce inventory and increase production throughput to improve cash flow. He is a lean six sigma black belt, team builder and motivator, with an Entrepreneurial attitude, an effective communicator at all levels and across functions. He has hyper experience in forensics, auditing, financial analysis, taxation, strategic management consultant, multivariate legal experience, corporate governance systems engineering, assurance and strategic management audit.

A leading expert in informal logic, other contributors and Jjuuko Joseph Kiyimba turns their attention in this new book to how reasoning operates in trials and other legal contexts, with special emphasis on the law of evidence with due consideration of the land problems that Uganda is facing at present for which practical solutions are only being envisaged on firefighting basis instead of developing a conceptual framework which has been considered herein. Please enjoy being privy to this writ and we expect it to sufficiently and appropriately provide a logical explanation of the causes of Uganda’s Land grabbing, freehold title forged titling and populace settlement problems. All in all, we need to have these matters recorded for historical purposes and we should nature an environment where we let the law take its course. Accounting is a big subject and there are huge forces in play.

The entire momentum of existing thinking and existing custom is in a direction that allows terrible follies to happen, and the terrible follies have terrible consequences. Accounting is a hot domain with the number of accounting majors up nationwide. I think the recent scandals have brought a new level of attention to the accounting profession as gatekeepers and custodians of social interest.

Firmior et potentior est operatio legis quam disposition hominis – The operation of law is firmer and more powerful than the will of man.

“Jjuuko Joseph Kiyimba”

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