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Global Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

Our mission is clear: to uncover the truth for our clients, empowering them to mitigate risks and make informed decisions.

With a global presence and a team of skilled investigators, we’re your reliable partners in the complex world of forensic investigations and intelligence.

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At Almention Intelsys, we are your trusted partners in forensic investigations and intelligence. With a global reach and a team of experienced investigators, we help you make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

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 Jjuuko Joseph Kiyimba (Omulangila)

Jjuuko Joseph Kiyimba (Omulangila)

Project Matrix Manager

Distinguished professional with a wealth of experience in forensic analysis, litigation consulting, and diverse legal matters. Renowned for a track record of over 500 successful engagements spanning a wide spectrum of legal domains, including estate matters, shareholder disputes, and complex financial investigations.

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