10. Regulation and investigations

When facing high-profile regulatory investigations or enforcement actions that involve securities, commodities, or digital assets, it is always best to consult with the experts.

Almention Intelsys is the industry leader in the detection, analysis, and proof (or disproof) of fraudulent or manipulative behavior in commodity, energy, financial, and securities markets; in consumer protection contexts; and in alleged schemes involving alternative investments.

In these types of matters, Almention Intelsys works closely with our clients, which include defense counsel and government agencies, to develop compelling economic arguments that are tailored to the regulatory inquiries, investigations, and enforcement actions at issue. We use the same skill sets to assist plaintiffs and defendants who are involved in attendant civil or criminal matters. We also assist in-house counsel in compliance matters and in conducting internal investigations of matters involving practices and employee conduct that have regulatory compliance implications.

Almention Intelsys draws from its deep roster of consultants and experts to put forth the optimal consulting team and testifier(s) for each case. Our team includes leading industry experts, academics, and consultants with experience in financial industry custom and practice, regulatory and compliance processes, large and complex datasets, and accounting standards and financial reporting. Collectively, we provide valuable insight and critical support in all stages of regulatory investigations and enforcement actions.

Our Focus:

  1. a)Algorithmic trading
  2. b)Analysis of corporate disclosures and assessment of materiality
  3. c)Asset tracing
  4. d)Disruptive trading practices
  5. e)Financial reporting and forensic accounting
  6. f)Fraud
  7. g)Internal investigations
  8. h)Market manipulation
  9. i)Regulatory compliance and trade surveillance
  10. j)Trading, underwriting, and distribution of securities
  11. k)Valuation of illiquid securities, including structured finance, private equity, and asset-backed securities