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Featured Titles

  1. A) Unearthing Kyapa Mungalo Fraud
  2. b) Unearthing freehold title forgery in Uganda
  3. c)  BUGANDA KINGDOM, CORPORATE BRAZZEN FRAUD, WHITE COLLAR CRIME AND TRUE BLUE THEFT FINALLY DISCOVERED, EXPOSED AND LITIGATED IN THE UGANDAN COURTS OF LAW. Buganda Land Board Land Title Forgery, True Blue Fraud Done by Ronald Muwenda Mutebi A.K.A The Kabaka of Buganda Restituted by Chapter 247 Of The Laws of Uganda A.K.A The Kabaka of Buganda, Corporation Sole Vides the Institution Of Traditional Leaders 2011, David Kyewalabye Male, Kizito Bashir Juma, Henan Guoji Group (The Chinese That Ronald Muwenda Mutebi And His Colleagues Steal Peoples Mailo Land With) Martin Kasekende, Dennis Bugaya, Joseph Kayemba
  4. d) The Consolidated land laws of Uganda from 1900 to Date